Thursday, June 16, 2011

girl blog

Hi all, happy day-before-Friday! I'm planning to post later about my adventures for today but couldn't resist passing this blog along-- but a little back story:

I was complaining to anyone who would listen last night about being so very depressed about E being so very far away, and I was watching Say Yes to the Dress on repeat so that didn't help things. Which gets me looking at wedding dresses online, which gets me thinking about E and getting all sad again. It's very silly. Anyways, I just discovered this blog this morning, written by these girls:

And friends, they are engaged! Once I got over the unfairness of this couple being so damn pretty, I couldn't stop reading their blog. They're doing long distance too, but more importantly are hilarious. And one of them has a UK accent, so watch the videos. Enough said.


  1. Aww wow just stumbled across this post, thank you so much for your lovely & kind words. Even more so happy that we made you smile when feeling so down. Looking forward to catching up on your story.

    Stay strong!

    M x


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